Zoo Design Platform

It all started back in 1992. My design group at Ericsson was designing a multiprocessor board using Motorola 88000 microprocessors. We needed some fast glue-logic and decided to use Motorola H4C ASICs (0.7um CMOS) to design this logic. I was responsible for the testlogic design, including the tap controller and the boundary scan implementation and was going to use the Verilog hardware description language (HDL) for the first time. I had been to a Verilog training course and I had learned how to use Verilog-XL.
Most of time I was debugging my design blocks using Verilog-XL in interactive mode. All the commands had to be written and executed from the command line. Moving up and down the design hierarchy involved many $scopes and $showscopes commands. To save time and typing I decided to create a graphical user interface (GUI) and put all these commands behind buttons and menus. Read more in my blog.


At that time all our computer work was done on SUN SPARC machines with the SUN OS 4 operating system. SUN Microsystems was using the OPEN LOOK user interface with the XView toolkit and had a graphical interface builder called Devguide. I started to use this tool and could easily design very nice graphical interfaces. At the same time I learned how to program in "C" and then everything fell into place. My first tool was called VeriSmart.

Cobra Command Tool

Cobra Command Tool is a smart terminal emulator for the X Window System. Compared to xterm it has a lot of added features:

- A file tree browser displaying any number of file trees simultaneously.
- A file list browser displaying files in a list format. Includes search and filter functions.
- Bookmarks for all kinds of files.
- Command lists, storing and executing any type of command.
- User defined buttons for adding commonly used commands.
- Support for Clearcase and Subversion configuration management.
- and lots more.